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Bakkegaarden Wind Energy Hellas Ltd was founded in 2009.

The purpose of the company is the development, construction and management of wind farms.

Today,the company has 33.6 MW of WP under development and through its subsidiary Wind Investering a further 21MW of WP.

In the near future it will expand its activity in the region of Western Macedonia by developing 780MW, with the aim of supplying green energy to the Group's industrial unit in the region.

From autumn 2024, an additional 750MW will start to be developed in the Aitoloakarnania Region for the same purpose.  


The Skovgaard / Bakkegaarden Group of Companies based in Denmark currently operates 1.7GW of on & off shore wind in countries such as Denmark, Scotland, Norway, Germany, UK and Croatia. The Group currently employs over 2,500 employees.

Our mission

Alexandroupolis PtX unit

The plant will be built on land in the community of Ferres, where there is already a 50-year concession contract, and will be needed for the operation of renewable energy sources with a total capacity of 400 MW. In addition to the power plant, a 400 MW substation will be built in this area, which has been approved by ADMIE (Independent Electricity Transmission Operator).

Bakkegaarden Hellas Ltd has submitted APPLICATIONS for environmental licensing of wind farms in the surrounding areas, with a total capacity of 70MW, and an opinion from the Biodiversity Department of the Ministry of Environment and Energy is awaited. Meanwhile, the company has entered into an agreement to acquire photovoltaic and wind farms with a total capacity of 180MW in the area.

All of the above projects are located outside NATURA areas and fully comply with EU and Greek environmental standards.

The produced ammonia will be transported to the port of Alexandroupolis for loading and export. The old EKO facilities next to the port will be used for this purpose after their reconstruction/renovation. THESE facilities allow for the loading of ships at a distance from the port using subsea pipelines. The land belongs to the Municipality of Alexandroupolis, with whom the corresponding concession contract will be signed.

The construction of the plant and in parallel the construction and maintenance of the RES will create a significant number of new permanent jobs (scientists and labour force).

The company, which is characterised by Denmark's ecological consciousness, stands out for its strong sense of responsibility towards the environment. In particular, through the environmental studies it submits, it proposes to take an active part in actions relating to the area in which it develops its projects. The following proposals have been submitted to the Dadia Forest Management Organisation:

- participation in the design, creation and operation of feeding areas for birds of prey (feeders),

- participation in the creation and operation of a captive breeding centre for the purpose of creating a genetic stock,

- creation and operation of infrastructure for reintroduction and care programmes for birds of prey,

- purchase of satellite transmitters to study the distribution of vultures; and

- conducting a study to identify suitable nesting sites for the Black Vulture.

Following the devastating fires in the area and the damage suffered by the National Park, the company intends, if requested, to adopt part of the damaged areas for reforestation and conservation, contributing to the restoration of biodiversity in the Dadia Forest.

PtX Unit of Western Macedonia

 Πρόταση εκδήλωσης ενδιαφέροντος από τον όμιλο των εταιρειών υποβλήθηκε στην περιοχή της Δυτικής Μακεδονίας. Η πρόταση αφορά την παραχώρηση έκτασης με σκοπό την εγκατάσταση νέας μονάδας παραγωγής υγρής πράσινης αμμωνίας.

The production of ammonia will be based on the electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen, which in combination with the capture of nitrogen from the atmosphere will create liquid green ammonia.

The operation of the plant will be based on energy produced from renewable energy sources (wind and solar energy), from wind farms and photovoltaic stations to be installed in the wider area of the Kozani and Florina Regional Unity, which have already obtained producer certificates.

Our investment aims to create up to 800 MW of liquid green ammonia plant that will produce 240,000 tons of ammonia. Storage will be in pressurised and refrigerated storage tanks.


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